Saturday, 24 October 2009


I´m tired of rewritting the same posts again and again due to the problems with the external $latex \LaTeX$ services that work with blogger, so I decided to make some changes in order to be the more self-sufficient as possible.

1) I´ve changed mathtex3.js, the java code that gives the blog $latex \LaTeX$ functionality (In particular some lines inside the Don't MOdify Under THis Line Unless You Know What You Are Doing !! piece of code). I hope this does not cause too much damage inside the Death Star.

2) Now, I´ve uploaded this modified java code, to my web page: (Psychedelic-mathtex.js). Now, this code, depends on me, but in the end, this java program invokes the external servers: and

3) With the modifications inside Psychedelic-mathtex.js, I can use the same post indistinctively in Blogger and in WordPress.

4) Now, this blog, has a clon copy in , under the original and unexpected name of Psychedelic Geometry

5) WordPress offers its own $latex \LaTeX$ service, so I expect some stability.

6) I´ve begun, also, another blog about technology, chemistry, and many other things I ignore, called: Psychedelic Thermodynamics